My Ink
Tattoo # 1(right shoulder) July 2005. The dog itself came from the box my Oakley sunglasses came in. Had it slightly
modified and it represents me and the Monster Dog that I would become, if anyone messed with my 3 kids. The
initials in his claws represent them.

Artist: Sierra Colt, Funhouse Tattoos, San Diego, CA
Tattoo numero dos (right outer calf) , July 2006 is the crowned skull and cross bones signifying my defiance of death
when I was separated from my previous Harley by some knucklehead who decided he wanted to drive in a lane
already occupied by yours truly.

Making impact I should have been killed or at the very least run over by some trailing soccer mom in a minivan
drinking AM/PM coffee, toking a Marlboro while simultaneously yelling at Junior while she squawked on her cell
phone. Luckily for me she had the morning off.

I was lucky enough to just slide off the back of the bike and walk away sore and skidded up.
Nothing broken. Hence the writing on the ribbon of said tattoo which reads: "Death Defied 12/25/05". Yes Christmas
morning. Another story altogether. Placed on the calf to cover scarring from accident.

Artist: Brady Wilmott, Funhouse Tattoos, San Diego, CA
Tattoo #3 (left shoulder) January 2007. I had read somewhere that soldiers during the crusades would mark their
bodies with a cross to signify they were Christian so as to be given the proper burial rites.

I am a believer and wanted a cross of some sort to adorn my body.

My namesake comes from St James. Did a little Google action.

Came to find that he and his brother Joseph were both desciples of Christ and were nicknamed by Christ the "Sons of
Thunder" since they were both zealous in regards to spreading the word to the point that if people wouldn't listen they
would ask Jesus to ask his pop to rain fire upon the unbelievers!

Talk about being gung ho!

Anyway I also came to find that the order of St James, founded after his death had their own cross , "The Cross of St
James". Original name huh? It's basically a cross with fleur di lis on the top and to the sides but the main shaft down is
a sword.

Perfect... A cross with attitude... Just my style.

Artist: Sierra Colt, Funhouse Tattoos, San Diego, CA
This turn on the classic traveler's swallows theme was purely for fun. The one on the left
perfect in it's classic  design and artwork, the other his jacked up zombified yet still flying

Artist: Adam Daniels, Perri Ink Cartel, Hollywood, CA